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I'm Ryan Mall

I’m a Manchester School of Architecture graduate' who's looking for hands-on experience within the industry.
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A little about me

As a developing architect, I am passionate about designing spaces that inspire and improve people's lives. I am committed to developing buildings that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also useful and sustainable, thanks to a solid basis in design principles and technical expertise. I am always looking for new challenges and possibilities to grow as a designer, and I believe that my enthusiasm, quick learning capabilities, and determined personality make me an ideal fit for any architectural position.

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Studio 2.2

A Community for Housing Performers
For the second project in my second year, we were tasked with designing a housing complex for theatre performers. I wanted to acquire first hand descriptions of what performers require in a room and incorporated these needs into my design. This showed me the value of client relations and how important they can be in impacting designs.

BA3 Technologies C

This assignment tested my ability to investigate different design iterations for a component in my building. I was tasked to expose my building for holes by exploring it in detail. When a problem arose, the solutions were tested and iterated until I was satisfied with my decision, which was then used to inform my building design in my 3.2 Studio project.

Studio 3.1

A Whiskey Distillery
I was tasked with designing a whiskey distillery on the grounds of Manchester airport for my BA3 project. This means the site, potentially, can be accessed by millions of customers a year. I therefore wanted to make the most of the unique location by combining the whiskey distillery experience with the opportunity of watching planes land and take-off.

Studio 3.2

The Mancunian Mashery
The Studio 3.1 project gave me a chance to explore initial drivers, which I felt were important to highlight in the industry.

These included:

Connection with nature: to keep the connection with nature strong I positioned my building close to the greenery on site.

Circulation: I wanted to explore how users move around spaces and how you can guide them through a building.

Distillery process: I wanted to build a bespoke building which was heavily influenced by the distillery process- from beginning to end.

Views: the site location meant aeroplanes can be seen landing and taking off- I decided to make the most of this by highlighting the views rather than dismissing them.

For 3.2, I was able to expand on these drivers by re-designing and iterating the aspects of the design which portrayed them, resulting in a successful and well-considered proposal.
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